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About Us

Established in 2006, John Alexander Estate Agents has stood out as a property company that goes beyond the norm. Our focus is on delivering exceptional customer service and world-class marketing, but our core emphasis lies in fostering meaningful relationships – be it with our valued clients or our dedicated staff.

We pride ourselves on continuously pushing boundaries and setting industry standards. Understanding that the manner in which we conduct our work holds greater significance than the sheer volume of it, we prioritise quality over quantity. Rooted in a genuine commitment to people, we consider ourselves a people-centric company that happens to specialise in property dealings, and we are confident that we excel in this domain better than anyone else.

A significant milestone for John Alexander Estate Agents occurred in December 2023 with the completion of the rebrand of Jackson & CO Property Sales. This strategic move involved merging Jackson & CO Property Sales with the existing John Alexander – Tiptree office. With the rebranding completed, John Alexander Estate Agents will now be operating under two distinct offices: John Alexander – Colchester and John Alexander – Tiptree. This expansion is indicative of our dedication to serving a broader client base and reaching new markets.

Throughout our evolution and expansion, John Alexander Estate Agents maintains a customer-centric approach. This involves placing a strong emphasis on understanding and meeting the needs of clients. Whether assisting in property transactions or managing rental properties, we prioritise transparency, effective communication, and delivering results that exceed client expectations.